We are at your service to produce quality and robust solutions

Since 2022, Simcotec has been producing professional solutions for special projects, with its technology knowledge and software experience, its innovative style that guides the field of industrial software and automation.

Simcotec, which is an expert and solid company in the field where it operates; in addition to producing software solutions in the field of PLC, SCADA and HMI, it has carried out numerous projects in the fields of machine automation, process automation, automation configuration, automation of electrical projects, installation and commissioning, and also offers expert solutions in data collection and analysis.

Simcotec, whose main objective is to be a well-established company capable of competing internationally and developing advanced engineering solutions by designing systems, is continuously developing and closely monitoring information technology and integrates new developments into its industrial applications in a very short time.

Simcotec plans the industrial projects it develops and implements in a way that ensures customer satisfaction both economically and technically, and considers it as a goal to provide the highest quality system and service in as soon as possible.

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